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a republican when it reelected ed brook to the united states stat in 1972 and the last time it voted for a republican in an open race was 1966. barack obama carried the state by six points. -- 26 points, excuse me, two years ago and i suspect that we may see brown get elected by three or five or six points. >> bill: what are you basing your prediction on? >> just looking at all of the polls. i'm a skill skeptical of insider advantage at 9 points. all the polls are moving in brown's direction and seems to be a consensus of four or five or six points but that is going to close up tomorrow. you touched son omaha ban on se reasons earlier. he is mingling with the people. she is an elitist. the last minute special interest deals have been stuffed in the held pill. is a bigger and broader narrative which is the people of massachusetts have seen all of the spending and deficit and all of the talk coming out of washington and are reacting in a highly negative fashion. not just one issue. it is a multiplicity of issues and the manner in which the administration and the congress have dealt wit
compound. >> perhaps a new foundry respect for the united states military. >> the military i have been dealing with the 82nd air porn the me aspiring to a new level. >> as the official body count in the haiti earthquake surpasses 150,000 frustration over the pass of relief. >> we have doctors at the airport and we have a nurse here that said she had 8 tons of medical supplies already on three planes in chicago that she cannot get flown in here. >> i certainly feel their str frustration. i see it on the streets. i go out every day. >> desperate, hungry and some just grieving looters go through the ruins taking everything not tied down. tonight we focus on the angels striving to redeem hell on the earth. also tonight kimberly has the latest on drew peterson, the sex clinic trying to tame the tiger and jay leno striking back. we begin in haiti with the latest. >> hi everybody welcome to a place that every american indeed every person of goodwill should be proud of. the amazing emergency medical center erected by project medishare part of university of miami global institute. behind me the
room of the white house. the president of the united states is going to be coming out in the next couple of minute, and he is going to be giving a very important statement. if you are the president of the united states, and over the last week and a half, you have been hammered by the press over the way members of your administration have handled the incident in detroit on christmas day. what do you do? what to you do? think about this. you change the subject. that is what you do. you make sure that people start to talk now about jobs, and about your effort to try to improve the economy for all americans. that is what we expect that the ptd of the united states is going to attempt to do today. looking at the monitor, i see the president still has not come out, so we will go to the white house with ed henry who is our white house correspondent, and he is following things for us. so what do we expect the president to talk about, ed? >> well, rick, he is going to be talking about spending more of the stimulus money on what he likes to call clean energy jobs to turn around what is an a
space. something that the united states can do here that no one else can do, this is now a naval operation. the united states navy is going to have to project themselves and try to help that way. but it is reminiscent of really depressing and sad pictures, but it's also the human factor. these are really hard operations. there is a reason the military is so large and often inefficient. and anyone with any experience of large organizations, there are sclerotic moments and that leads to people dying. >> there is a story out that president obama may be writing "newsweek's" cover story? >> yes. >> it's been a rough week. we haven't had anybody filing on time. federal office holders apparently have a hard time. the president is writing an essay for "newsweek" about why haiti matters. right now, we're in the middle of a very familiar and good ritual in american life. responding to the vivid, televised images of a terrible tragedy. we are texting money. the outpouring has begun, but what it will be like in ten days, what will it be like in a month? i promise you won't be talking about i
a visa to the united states. >> okay. >> or be allowed to fly into the country. >> you know bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's never going to be person. this flight in the negligenter lands and the way they do things is different than the way we do things. now, this overreaction. they're padding down everybody chbl the question is in your opinion, are we safe? i mean, are these people going to be able to get through the shield and has the obama administration weakened our defenses against al qaeda? >> we're not safe. we're in much greater danger than a year ago. it's not just bush versus obama. north koreans had an additional year to build nuclear weapons and missles. iranians had a year to develop nuclear weapons and to keep paying for terrorists. al qaeda had an additional year and two of the top four people in al qaeda in yemen were released from guantanamo bay. obama administration continues to release terrorists back into the world. >> bush did that. bush released those two guys. >> then, he was wrong and the state department was wrong and initial releases. we now have p
in the united states saying he's not guilty. this hour the dramatic scene inside the courtroom as he entered his plea and what comes next. >>> some muslim women say they're being stopped, searchened and even beating an airports sincely because they're wearing head scarves. is it part of the government's official policy? what's going on? >>> the republican national commit aye chairman under fire by members of his own party. they say michael steele needs to muzzle himself. >>> i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> his mug shot has been plastered all over the air waves and internet for weeks. today reporters got a better look at umar farouk abdulmutallab, the man charged with transcribing to blow up a u.s. airliner on christmas. our deborah feyerick was inside the courtroom when he entered the plea. she's joining us live from droimt. describe, deb, what happened. >> reporter: wolf, abdulmutallab walked in very, remember he's suffering lap burns have been detonated the bomb that was hidden in his underwear. he was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki pants, sneakers, his feet were shack
, and there are reports that some buildings have collapsed. raymond joseph is haiti's ambassador to the united states. he joins us on the phone. mr. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> well, thank you, good night and it's a pleasure and a tough situation for me to be on the air tonight. >> couric: well, what can you tell us, mr. ambassador. what are you hearing about what has happened in haiti from residents there? >> i was able to reach the secretary general to the presidency mr. fritz longchamp, the only official i was able to contact. and he told me he was driving his car east from port-au-prince to a suburb east of the capital and buildings started to collapse on both sides of the streets so he had to park his car and start walking. and it was just at that instant that i found him. he said it is aÑi catastrophe of major proportions. that's his own words. and he told me he was not able to reach any official, not the president nor anyone. and he was walking to his place not knowing what was awaiting him, not knowing whether he could cross the bridge to get to his place. so, you know, it's hard re
's to the united states. look at the babies taking care of babies. that bus had to turn around. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process, already, to get temporary visas. officials will not accept kids if they cannot verify their paperwork is in order. such desperation. >>> california is getting another beating from the weather today. there's a state of emergency in parts of the state. hundreds are wait iing for evacuations to be lifted after the mud slides. in san diego, the longer the rain came down, the worse things got. >> this was a river. it was a river. it literally was a river. >> it was draining very well, even in the heavy rain. the pumps -- something must have stopped or part of them. the rain stopped and the water started backing up. >> conditions are bad now, but you may get a break from the rain soon. bob van dillen is keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with the big picture. a couple storms are out there. the one from yesterday is back inland around idaho and nevada. you can see the frontal boundary as it exten
, salute them at >>> haitian immigrants are allowed in the united states to get medicare. ordinarily there's a lot of paperwork and delay involved. some of that is set aside after the earthquake in haiti t. rule change is temporary to make sure there's medical care for orphans in the pipeline to be adopted. >>> an iowa couple trying to adopt two haitian orphans saw one alive on tv. they spent the last two years going through the adoption red tape. >> beautiful. praise god. praise god. >> now, the couple just learned they can get one child this week. they are applying for a humanitarian visa to bring the second child here. >>> a grot broken through a strip club. a goat. >> myself on the surveillance tapes, i wouldn't have believed it, either. >> the goat spent 30 minutes staring at one thing inside the strip club. that story is new for you this hour. >> you dirty goat, you. >>> more money has been raised for the victims of haiti's earthquake than in the wake of hurricane katrina. jennifer westhoven is here now. i think a lot of it has to do with the ease of the texting giv
heard screaming for help across the region. haiti's ambassador to the united states told katie couric on evening news tonight that the damage is significant and that haiti the world's most impoverished needs the world's help. a tsunami watch is in effect right now for haiti, cuba, the bahamas and the dominican republic. most communications are down but first-hand reports are hard to come by. that said, we have been able to get in touch with joel trimble, a missionary in the town of thomason in haiti. can you describe the scene for us, sir. >> in is the worst decimation i have ever seen. i have never seen anything in haiti in the 34 years i have been here to this effect. the house i'm in on the mott rocked. i thought it was going to fall over. the vehicle in the driveway was rocking like there was five guys trying to push it over and now there is a cloud of dust over the city of port-au-prince. >> shepard: you went out on a motorcycle after the initial quake. there have been a number of aftershocks to follow, but you went out on a motorcycle. tell us what you saw, place to place? >> lo
, and politics here in the united states. let's begin our coverage with dana bash. lots of emotion on this issue. >> that's right. the immediate question was, will senator reid step down, making calls, first of all, he said he won't, and making calls to democrats around town, especially in the senate. it seems as though there's no movement for him to do that, but reid, look, he's not a leader who is known as an orator, he's known for back-room dealing, and he has a big reservoir of support among senate democrats, but his advisers are still worried, they tell me, about the political fallout from this. that is why today he came out again for damage control. at home in nevada, harry reid's clean-energy event turned into an attempt to clean up a political event. >> i've apologized to the president, i've apologized to everyone within the sound of my voice that i could have used a better choice of words. >> those words reported in the new book "game change" saying then senator obama could get elented president, because -- reid tried to put his own explosive quotes in context, recounting his early priv
-888-407-4747. >>> the united states is ramping up their efforts to help victims of the haiti earthquake. obama said that they will be swift, coordinated and aggressive. he promises more people and more supplies on the way. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states and the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and the humanitarian need of food, water, and medicine that they will need in the coming days. in that effort, our government, especially usaid and the department defense are working closely with the people of haiti and around the world. >> the battalion chief of the search and rescue team are familiar with the haiti terrain. they helped in 2008 when a school collapsed there. i understand that you have a team that has just boarded an airplane to go to haiti. do you know where your crew will report and what their primary mission will be? >> yes. current they are en route and boarding the aircraft as we speak. they are going to land and once
from a different time. >> i think that's the issue. >> he's majority leader of the united states senate. >> i know, i know. guess what? our government is made up of people from all races and sexes. >> and people should evolve in their thinking and their terminology and the way -- >> you know what is sad? if he was talking about how barack obama -- >> that's the bad thing. >> we're going to talk about this in a little bit. >> look at this guest list. there is from mark halperin 'and john heilemann's new book. they are coming in today. we also have reverend al sharpton coming in, andy card, governor howard dean, john heilemann, mark halperin, mike allen, erin burnett. and andrea mitchell. you bring up a good point. some democrats were circling the wagon. what about so-and-so, when he said this? i would respond, people this is your majority leader in the united states senate, right now. in 2009. >> well -- >> and that's problematic that the guy thinks and talks that way. >> the only saving grace he has was he was speaking positively about then-senator obama, about his chances, about the go
, clearly the united states is sending a strong message to the taliban, getting a bit of its own revenge. but the reality is that the united states has to rely on these advanced predators against a force that has no air force of its own. no advanced artillery and no satellite intelligence. and eight years after this conflict began the united states is having difficulty holding its own. >> and robin, we knew you were in beirut the last time the cia was attacked in this scope. you heard what the security director said, did you see a breakdown s this simply the risk that they face? >> well, clearly it's the risk they face. i think leon panetta is right. the reality is, 27 years after the first attack wiped out almost an entire cia station, the united states should have known better. this is a counterintelligence failure. >> robin wright, thank you. >>> meantime, the families of the fallen cia officers are now laying their loved ones to rest. in many cases these families had no idea the men and women they lost were working the front lines for cia. here's david kerley. >> reporter: it is a si
and this attack, he said, is also a message to the united states for the cia and to the jordanian intelligence that you can't buy somebody off. you can't buy them away from their fate, because, of course, the jordanian intelligence and the cia thought he was an operative for them. he turned out to have been a double agent, fred dreek kaw. >> what are the implications? video for the cia, for jordanian intelligence agencies, et cetera? >> reporter: we've been talking here with an analyst very familiar with security operations in jordan and throughout the region, and from his perspective, this is going to mean a real close, hard look at all agents, any country is running in that reason, and there are lots of different countries who are running agents in and around the pakistan/afghan border trying to get on, to the al qaeda leaders. everyone will have to look at these spies they're running and figure out if they can trust them. the bottom line here is, trying to track down al qaeda leaders, the analysis has to be, this is going to cause a setback. it's going to take time to reanalyze all of those
are killed or injured. they have no emergency services to rely on now. the united states is trying to help with civilian and military aid. they are also sending in rescue teams. >> the main thing that is are needed are search andres cue and immediate assistance for food and water for people trapped in buildings. the search andres cue is going to be a priority for the government and organizations in haiti. >> with so many of the phone and power lines down, we are getting word from your fellow viewers, i-reporters in haiti. jonathan works with a church group and here he is describing what he saw. >> three-story houses collapsed on to the one below it. i saw fences, block wall fences fallen on a motorcycle. one woman, i could only see her head, the rest of her body was trapped under the fence, under a block wall. she had, obviously, i think she was dead. she has blood coming out of her eyes, nose and ears. >> an american airlines flight from haiti to miami was boarding when the earthquake struck. some chose not to get on. the flight took off and landed safely. passengers say they weren't exac
, it's affect on the people of haiti. the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and others in the region. we will be providing civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and our prayers are with the people who have suffered, their families, and their loved ones. >> all right. we're going to bring in on the phone now luke renner who is a had yumanitarian worker just li off the haitian capital. what can you tell us about what you have seen, what do you know about the situation there? >> well, just to clarify, i'm about 90 miles north of the capital. we did feel the earthquake. we felt all of the aftershocks, but we haven't experienced the same damage that port-au-prince has. i've been trying all night long to get in touch with our colleagues on the ground in port-au-prince. the entire phone system here is completely down. communicationwise, the backbone of haiti is basically a prepaid cell phone system, and from all indications, that's just completely been obliterated, so what we've been doing is tracking with our colleagues and coworkers and
of haiti. hillary clinton says the u.s. in the process of gathering information. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: the earthquake was also felt in the dominican republican which shares a border with haiti on the island of hispaniola. some panicked residents ran from their shaking homes but no damage was reported there. >> reporter: we're back here live at the fairfax fire and rescue training academy where they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. with me is the assistant fire chief dare roar. have you been on the missions before and explain to me when you're hearing the reports of what the damage is down there. is there anything like your men have seen before? >> many of the men and women have been on disasters similar to this before, but it sounds like from the reports that we're getting from news media and in side that the devastation is pretty complex and pretty involved there. so our training and experience hopefull
's orphans. there is still a strong push to bring many of them to the united states and tonight we are seeing terrifying new evidence of the trauma some of them suffered when the earthquake hit. a missionary from ohio was visiting a port-au-prince of fannage last week when it struck. this is what he recorded. >> outside, go, go, go! go. >> shepard: obviously tense and chaotic moments but the missionary says all 20 of the children survived and they are now living together in a one bedroom apartment. today, some other orphans from haiti made it out of country and got a warm welcome here in the united states. the pennsylvania governor ed rendell helped escort the children on a flight to pittsburgh. you can see them on the plane that brought them here. the kids ranged in age from 11 months to 12 years and once they landed on u.s. soil, a lot of folks who went to work to make sure that the kids get the best care possible and a lot of love. our molly henneberg tracking the story. what happened when they got here? >> hi, shep. they were taken to children's hospital in pittsburgh. some carried in one
the president of the united states to stop the nonsense. it is nonsense if we are in a war that you hall a guy off or blow a civilian airliner out of the sky and put him in jail in detroit. you hand him over to the military who does what they have to do, find out how he got there and where they live. you know and i know it. everybody watching it knows it colonel. when is president obama going to get it? >> probably when it's too late for many americans and other victims. you know, if you really look what brennan and napolitano had to say of the three-page memorandum oh they signed, the concrete recommendations are basic. buy more stuff, upgrade i.t. systems and again, we don't need more stuff. we need better ideas and we need determination, the determination to win. i have to disagree with you on one other thing. i do want heads to roll. >> bill: no. >> but a leader is responsible for everything his or her.... >> bill: you know how it works. you were in the military your whole life, obama's people in the counter intelligence agencies are taking their cues from him. so it's not fair to fire the
that with words. >> it's tough for the president of the united states to say he's not the establishment. >> dan, what do you think? do you think it's time if the president wants to win back a lot of support from the people who put him in that office, does he though out the old state of the union rule back about getting up and say, here is what i'm going to do on health care, here is what i'm going to do on education, here is what i'm going to do on foreign policy, instead talk to americans about the economy, the pocketbook, the confidence they have not only in the financial system but about in government in general? >> contessa, it's very hard to do that in a particular setting. there's a script for state of the union speeches which is pretty well established. they are generally not remembered for their soaring rhetoric. they are remembered mostly they are a serious of programmatic paragraphs fought over for months. every president wants to elevate above that to the best of their ability but it's difficult to do that to do what you're talking about will take a much more sustained effort, one he
which is a huge security problem when dealing with devastation of this scale. here in the united states during hurricane katrina we had general honore who got it to happen. the united states is sending 2,000 marines to help the u.n. peace keepers who have served as police in haiti in the past. a little over a hundred will leave today. what they will do is prepare for the arrival of another roughly 800 personnel tomorrow. then some 2,200 marines are being deployed to help with security as well as search and rescue and the delivery of humanitarian supplies, so important. >> we're going to work with the international peacekeepers under the u.n. to supplement them in providing security. they have been basically the police force. haiti doesn't have an army. they didn't have have much police force. it is being rebuilt by the united nations with our assistance. this is a country that's suffered so many blows. last year it was four hurricanes. this year an earthquake. it is hard almost to imagine. but the people of haiti are resilient. they are a hopeful people. we are going to do everything we
in the united states senate. >> thanksgiving weekend up in massachusetts. >> stand outside fenway in the cold. >> shake hands. >> you, too, can be a senator. >>> according to "the washington post," the fbi invoked false terrorism emergencies to illegally obtain more than 2,000 phone records during the bush administration. the bureau simply persuaded phone companies to turn their records over. a report says the fbi then issued approvaled after fact in order to justify their actions. >>> and with the late-night battle lines clearly drawn, team conan is taking its message to the streets. backed by a facebook phenomenon, fans of "the tonight show" staged rallies in four cities yesterday. conan made a personal appearance outside universal studios, even buying pizzas for hundreds of people standing in the rain. conan appears poised to leave nbc after he refused to move his show to a later time slot. meanwhile, jay leno who is set to take back his old show at the 11:35 start time says it all comes down to business. >> when the boss gives you a job and you don't do it well, i think we did a good job
yesterday said every state is in play. and going back to what the president of the united states said just a minute ago, do you think he really believes that? do you think that the people up in massachusetts when they -- ok, there's the lever right there. i'm mad at george bush. come on! >> i think he does believe it or he wouldn't say it. you think he'd come up with a better spin than that. he's been criticized in the past for blaming bush. now it's been a year. in fact, it was a year anniversary of his inauguration yesterday. >> i just thought this was amazing in that he says you know i'm doing so much work and i'm so busy, i haven't talked enough about it. i regret this year. here's where we're wrong. i was so busy getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crisis in front of us, i think we lost some of the sense of speaking directly to the american people. only problem with that is he spoke a lot to the american people. 42 news conferences, 158 interviews, he almost spoke too much to the american people. >> speaking of numbers, listen to robert gibbs yesterday. the message loud
of thousands. the first words from haiti's ambassador to the united states were prophetic. >> i'm quite sure we will need everything. >> reporter: the pictures have become familiar. the presidential palace had all but collapsed. so had block after block, neighborhood after neighborhood, gone. a police station destroyed. the university flattened. >> we need more people down here. >> reporter: united nations headquarters, gone. the few helpers that remained had to help themselves. everywhere there were frantic efforts to pull people from the debris. tons of debris. the few happy endings offset by horrific scenes on corner after corner. port-au-prince was on its own. as the sun rose on wednesday, the earthquake's impact could be seen not just in the city but in surrounding neighborhoods. in the best of times, haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. four out of five people here live in poverty. with hospitals collapsed and no doctors or ambulances in the streets, people realized it was up to them. right now we're outside a hospital. it is an almost indescribable scene of anguish wit
of the united states, trust me, this chairman and the dnc would be screaming for its head very much as they were with trent lott. >> trent lott was forced to step down as senate majority leader back in 2002, after saying in a public speech essentially the country would have been better off if people elected strom thurman in 2008. joining me, soledad o'brien. roland rye martin. political daily writer for the daily beast. if the republican had said this would people be freaking out more? >> absolutely. look, let's be honest about it. there is a double standard. here is the difference when you begin to dig deeper. that is you look at a person's history. you look at also what they said and the context of what they said. and so if you're talking about senator trent lott, when you look at the comment, america would have been better off had he been elected, he ran on a segregation ticket as a dixiecrat. you hear that comment, it's a whole different deal and the fact lott, his voting record, "f." reid, "a." your history plays a role. i don't care what the story is. when you have a history that is positi
. it doesn't go far enough. the congress in the united states has become a disgrace. it doesn't deal with the problems in the country. watching the state of the union and watching the camera pan across the room and looking, the average age of members of the u.s. senate is now 62. 56 or 57 for the house. that place is no more representative of this country. it is a bubble. it is worse than gridlock. it is self-interest. it is geographical interest. not about the common good. obama has been rolled by them. he thought he could charm them. he tried again. this time using a little bit of shame. but the great interest in this country ought to be the congress of the united states, republicans and democrats, and finding a mechanism to structurally reform it, and throw most of them or all of them out of there and start over. >> the president going on the campaign trail, is it a good move or style over substance? >> i think a lot of it is style over substance. i think obama says he failed to communicate. i think he's failed to convey any sense of conviction. i think he has failed to convey ide
to the president of the united states apparently now being quoted as pointing fingers at specific people. he does not only blame martha coakley for that fallout but the democratic senatorial campaign committee as well as potentially emanuel not blaming the president. others are saying the president has to assume some of this blame for letting health care reform get in the hands, the message at least, get in the hands of republicans. and the president allowing nancy pelosi to form health care reform and not having a lot of involvement in it until the bitter end. >> also people say tactically the ground game is slow to get out. they had the money but didn't put the operations. they got cocky about it. what does virginia, the resulting virginia, new jersey and, perhaps, massachusetts, if it does go into the republican column, what do they have in common? one thing, independence. democrats and republicans voted with their party but independents are marching in massive numbers towards the republican candidate. and that's the thing that you people have in common. they want to say that's an aberration
, president obama pledged the full support of the united states. >> haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home, so we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> reporter: the "uss carl vincent" will be a base at sea to provide communications and supplies like fresh water. many have taken to the internet to show support. less than 24 hours after the quake, a text message campaign has raised more than $1 million for the red cross. and that help i soarly needed, as we've just said. in fact, still now, there are stories emerging of people still waiting for medical care. currently, most of the hospitals are down, and so people are in clinics, basically out on the street, triage clinics, people are coming to these clinics asking for help, but there are a lot of people, matt and meredith, who are not still now getting the medical care they need after this devastating earthquake. now back to you. >> and we're hearing there are no medical supplies to be had. let's brg in brian williams, who is there at the airport along with ann and al. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter:
here. the billy buster on an issue is not the same as seating a member in the united states senate regardless what have's going on in the senate. there is a process that unfolds. the secretary of state does what at the need to do, the senate does what it needs to do. and the fact that they've already made it very clear that we will be on structure had this process, that we will change the rules in order for us to get our way in the senate to me is not what the voters are going to the polls about. >> so you're saying they're trying to do something illegal? >> illegal is left for lawyers to decide. what i'm saying is that there is a process. and when you have congressman wiener and others saying our job will be to delay and obstruct this process, in order to speed it up if we can do that, to me goes counter to what the voters in massachusetts are doing. they are expects they'll elect a united states senator and they expect that senator to be seated in a timely fashion and if that doesn't happen, a lot of weight on the democrats' head in washington. >> and just so you understand what
that of the united states. it is the highest rate of hiv infection in all of the americas. as you have seen from the devastation, the country's infrastructure ranks among the worst in the world. before the quake the country was still trying to recover from four different hurricanes that hit in 2008 and killed 800 people and left about 500,000 people homeless. let's go over now to maggie for more. >> thank you, harry. joining me is pras michel, cousin of wyclef jean, and they have traveled on several humanitarian missions to haiti. good morning. i know you have family in haiti, so i have to ask, have you been able to reach them? are they all right? >> most of my family is in north america but the very few that were down there, we were ant able to get in touch with them. i spoke to a very good close of my friend this morning right before i came here and she was explaining to me what happened down in haiti. >> tell me, because you've traveled to this country many times on humanitarian missions. this is a country that even before this disaster needed great help and great attention from the world. >>
of yemen is vowing to work with the united states in hunting down terrorists in his country, but he is also opening the door for dialogue with al-qaeda. >> julie: and a shakeup in time slots for two late night show hosts. nbc have floated an offer on the table and they have heard back from one of the hosts. >> gregg: president obama says he accepts an apology from harry reid. he said at the time then candidate obama could win the white house because obama is a light-skinned african-american with no negro dialect. he says the matter is closed but it's unlikely, republican lawmakers, at least some of them are ready to let the issue drop. major has the latest. hi, major. >> good afternoon. it started yesterday with president obama saying he fully accepts harry reid's apology. today, democrats closed ranks. started with tim cain and other senators appearing on variety of talk shows. there is no surprise. reid and his staff organized a number of conference calls all with various democrats appearing on the sunday talk shows. apologies should be accepted. even one gave him a clear indication that
the government to realize the message they are sending to every other united states citizen, when these kids come and they want to do mission programs and they go to their parents and say mom, dad, i want to reach out. i want to help across the world. i think that there's a real good chance here that the parents are going to say no way. look what happened to those lynn university students. they never came home. and nobody went there to help them. we didn't give it our all. i think lit have a long-term effect on the state of our humanitarian missions in the future. >> there are those that suggest that this is now a recovery effort and not a rescue effort. i wonder did a. >> 2340, no, no, no. it is not a recovery operation. they hear tapping. they hear tapping. the troops -- the rescue effort is still there. we are not giving up. our government needs to get down there and needs -- many, many days yet of recovery operation looking for survivors. there are survivors in that building. if they hear tapping, there is someone in there tapping and i want to know who it is. and get them the hell out of the
and on behalf of upmc, thank you to every person in the entire united states that has been involved with us and helped us with this mission. one more highlight i just remembered, i got a call from the state department the night before last, one of a million, and they said that they cannot believe what we have accomplished with this mission, and because of what we've done, it has paved the way for the united states government to remove the haitian orphans from that country just because of this mission. the government wasn't able to do that on their own. so thank you to everyone. i am going to introduce you to the biggest hero, allie. >> thank you so much. i obviously don't know where to begin. i don't even really know if i'm here. i don't even know if my kids are all here. but i do know they're all here. >> we counted. >> and counted and counted and counted. of course thank you to leslie and mr. rendell and mr. altmeyer because it wouldn't have happened without them. i didn't know they were involved until i saw them sitting on the military -- i mean it's -- i'm so, so happy. w the earthquake
charged case before the united states supreme court. the debate is whether the government should have power to keep convicted sex offenders behind bars after they've served their time handed down by the judge. united states verse graden come stock, served three years in prison for possession of child porn but the feds designated him as sexually dangerous before he was released from jail and they decided to keep him in a north carolina facility indefinitely for treatment. lower courts ruled that's unconstitutional. molly is live outside the courthouse. break down the government's argument. >> the federal government has the responsibility to be a back stop. people finishing prison terms but likely to perhaps commit in the future what the government calls serious sexual offenses, the government that is responsibility to take them and put them in a civil institution, like a psychiatric hospital, if the states won't and hold them indefinitely. this is allowed by a 2006 law giving the government this power. take a listen. >> it's designed to provide further care and treatment both for the b
of the united states army. stephen, we love you so much and miss you there.'s not a day that goes by that we are not praying for your safe return. we love you to the moon. >> she had her daddy doll in the pumpkin patch. if you know someone in the service, go to >>> "american idol" went down last night. vanessa spends her time in tennessee, diving off bridges and buying dresses at the dollar store. ♪ >> it's good. she got through to hollywood. the judges liked her authentic country charm. look at simon, he really did. >> check out her reaction. >> vanessa, you better start practicing and believing in yourself otherwise, you're going to get swallowed up. >> none of my friends are going to believe this. >> show them the ticket. see you later. >> of course, i know auditions are not complete without bad singing, strange behavior and stranger outfits. how the human guitar did in front of the judges. >>> jennifer says she's afraid of the human guitar. all right. i know the pictures coming out of haiti have you ready to give. there's a huge need for donations out there. you should k
. that's what makes the united states great. we are able to provide the technical capability, the resources that they need. you mentioned the red cross. we're already moving rapidly. that is what americans do. we stands up and contribute when others are in these kinds of situations, and so the president is getting regular updates around the clock. he'll be giving an update himself this morning. he takes this matter very seriously, and is determined that his administration will be aggressive and bold and responsive for every cycle minute along the way. >> a lot of people are looking at the white house response and echoing the experiences from hurricane katrina. how -- how much is katrina in the back of the minds -- the response from the white house, the back of the minds of the people in charge of the white house, in terms of not just the response, but the worry about repeating the same mistakes or appearing to make the same mistakes? >> we have learned a lot by katrina and we have in place right now, far better systems, a great team of people who are responsible. we have a ne
people. i don't like that. but i want the president of the united states to stop the nonsense and it is nonsense if indeed we are in a war, as he just said, that you haul a guy off who just tried to blow a civilian airliner out of the sky and put him in jail in detroit. you hand him over to the military who does what it has to do to find out who the hell he is, how he got there, who helped him out and where they live. you know it and i know it and everybody watching this knows it, determine. but when is barak obama going to get it? >> probably when it's too late for many americans and other victims. you know, if you really look at what brennan and napolitano had to say at the three-page memo the president signed, the concrete recommendations are pretty basic. they're to buy more stuff. upgrade i.t. systems, buy more scanners. again, i go back to the fact, we don't need more stuff. we need better ideas and we need determination, determination to win. i have to disagree with you on one other thing. i do want heads to roll. but not some poor guy from the state department. but a l
system will be approved by the united states supreme court. no major cases have been prosecuted in a military tribunal since world war ii. we know that if he goes into the united states district court he is going to come out with a life sentence without parole and that will be the end of it. i think that's a safe and appropriate bet for the government to say. >> commander lippold, do you think, though, he should be handled by the military? >> absolutely. i mean, that argument that jeffrey just made sounds real good, but the reality of it is, this administration has recognized the military commission system is a proper venue. they're going to take the principal conspirator for the attack on uss cole and try him via the military commission's process. i doubt the administration would do that especially after the president met with those families in february and looked them in the eye and said they would see justice served. put the principal conspirator through a process they didn't believe would work and, in fact, render the verdict that we need to see. >> commander, do you think i
of that will be coordinated by governments, including the united states. it will also be coordinated by folks who are literally arriving here at their own behest. we have the university of miami, a team of doctors that just arrived here. what can you do at this point? there is no infrastructure here, there is no hospital to go to. what do you do for those patients, those victims who need to be triaged right on the street? >> we don't know. we just got here. we'll see what's going on. we have been here before. we have a usual mission that comes down here almost on a quarterly basis so we're used to the hospitals and the infrastructure. we'll just see what we can do. whatever we can't do we'll just transport back up. >> you have that plane there. have you a team here, a lot of work to do ahead of them. i spoke to a doctor also with the university of miami of arrived here yesterday. he said that 48-hour window did give him hope. he was very optimistic that if somebody was trapped under that rubble and brought out, they would be able to attend to them. he wanted to remain positive but clearly on the
first before you board a flight to the united states. not so. turns out prior to the attempted bombing, they didn't check their visas until they were in the air. it was a policy. it was not just an oversight. this is the federal policy. here is a quote from an obama official. the problem was not the misspelling but the system designed prior to christmas day at post, at main state, and nctc, the system did not require anyone to focus on the existence of the vis a. they are reeing the policy. but what is the point of the policy. why review the passport or visa when you are in the air if you contain them on the ground. >> explain the logic of even if they don't try to blow up the plane as you hope and it actually lands. still it is somebody's visa doesn't check out, you have to deport them back? >> you land the flight and stop in green land across thuar say you need to get off the flight. we fail to check your visa. it is a bigger problem. the rail system in this country. it would take amtrak and so forth. they don't check id's until you are on the train an hour into the train and then ch
. >> meanwhile in washington where the united states is pledging financial aid and quoting unwavering support to haiti. caroline schively joins us this this morning. i understand every single hospital in haiti destroyed and now doctors without borders are going to try to bring in an inflatable hospital that has 110 beds in it. that's not enough. >> it's certainly not enough, steve. president said he wanted to send his condolences and unwavering support to haiti but he's also sending in the coast guard, marines, navy and wave of first responders. the president made phone calls to world leaders from the oval office yesterday trying to coordinate the international response. he said he's directed his own administration to conduct a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. there are about 40,000 to 45,000 u.s. citizens in haiti. as of yesterday, only dozens had checked in with u.s. officials. we now know at least three u.s. citizens are confirmed dead. coast guard helicopters have begun flying seriously injured americans out of haiti and to guantanamo bay. they have ordered ships to
-au-prince with the latest on the rescue efforts. he's at the airport. jonathan, i know that the united states military is trying to get as many of those great big planes in there because each one really is like a flying grocery store. they're stock full of stuff that those people need desperately. >> yeah, absolutely, steve. and the c-17 cargo planes from the u.s. air force from mcguire air force base, from travis air force base were here regularly yesterday. they were only on the ground about an hour a time, an extraordinary operation to watch them land, get unloaded. turn back around and go back to get more supplies. but you get the sense, steve, that this is very much a make or break day for haiti. a lot of the supplies have been coming in here to the port-au-prince airport but i spend many, many hours out on the streets of port-au-prince yesterday and i can tell you this -- i did not see a single instance in which that aid was being handed out to the desperate people who need it most. and there was a calmness among the desperation yesterday. we did see those instances of looting but they were few
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